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Xinhe biology has one provincial grade technical center, is the main drafter of  the national standard xanthan gum. Xinhe biology always persist in using the biotechnology and biological products, together with the petroleum and food processing industry customers to study the issue and provide solutions to the problems, to reach the goal of creating value for our customers, society and the partners.

The efficient organization structure and the rigorous operation mechanism will guarantee that our R&D is always client-oriented.The need of clients is the objective of our R&D activities;and satisfying client’s needs is our responsibility.

Sufficient investment and energy devoted to science and technology,high standard training for talents and close technological cooperation are the vigorous assurance to production and research and development and happy about customer satisfaction.

We not only in the country established a technical service network, to maintain good relations of cooperation with scientific research units and colleges and technical exchanges with foreign counterparts often.




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