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Xinhe biological always uphold the thanksgiving, win-win for enterprise long-term development concept, always firmly believe that stability and create value for enterprise development goals, has always been to create "happiness Xinhe" nurturing as having Xinhe characteristic enterprise culture.
We continuously describe the enterprise development blueprint according to the modern enterprise management standards in the process of carve, shaping the corporate culture. Pursuing the balance of economic efficiency and social value, to repay the society, promote social progress and prosperity is the supreme idea of Xinhe culture. Create value for the customers in the field of petroleum, food, and building by biological technology and products, create welfare for employees, shareholders, partners, repay the society. The core value of Xinhe is to realize and enhance our value when creating value for customer, building benefit to enterprise and pooling fortune for society. It is the ultimatum pursuit of Xinhe’s culture to choose the path of sustainable and sound development, maximize the corporate value, and promote social harmony and social progress.
Core competitiveness:To invent a series of products with unique properties through technical innovation.
Give first then ask for, suffer losses is happiness.



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