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The Hebei provincial party committee member vice-governor Yang Chongyong , investigation of the enterprise economic field development situation


In May 21, 2014, provincial Party Standing Committee, executive vice governor Yang Chongyong on the project construction site investigation of economic development situation of the enterprise to the company. Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Li Fenggang, and county leaders Li Qunjiang and other leaders accompanied investigation. Zhang Yu of company general manager on project construction, production and operation as detailed report.

Yang Chongyong of Xinhe made of bio economic development achievements to be fully affirmed. Yang Chongyong points out, Xinhe biological project is a high technological content, tax contributions of strategic emerging industries, to make full use of the support policy, to promote the project bigger and stronger.

Yang Chongyong requirements, city and county government to strengthen the service consciousness, to optimize development environment, strengthen enterprise assistance, and strive to create a good environment for the development of private economy.


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