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Xinhe biological organization called “Youth Day“ Symposium

By May 4, 2014, general manager Zhang Yu held "Youth Day" symposium was held in the company conference room on the third floor, to participate in the forum are all under the age of 35 young employees, the forum has just begun, Zhang first for everyone to a request, is the company culture, faith, to love and loyalty to the enterprise, and describes the establishment of the company from 1978 to everyone, to a series of transformation, now in private enterprises and, from the founding of the company in good operation now, has been adhering to the "essence carve", then the efforts toward "the world's largest manufacturer of high-end microbial polysaccharides" this a vision is running, a total of young employees, with a friendly communication, we advocate to have goals, ideals, the pursuit, to bring home the bacon as a result and not as objective. Finally, warns everyone to work hard, keep in mind the enterprise view of learning, in the books, the practice of continuous learning, positive enterprising, makes the contribution for the enterprise, social return. At the end, happy always wish the company all staff "Youth Day".. 。。

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