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The governor of Hebei province Zhang Qingwei to Xinhe biological research

On September the 23rd and 24th, The governor of Hebei province Zhang Qingwei  came to part counties(cities) of Xingtai  for the county area  economic development research. How to accelerate the pace of independent innovation of enterprises, is concerned about Zhang Qingwei research problem. In Hebei Xinhe Biochemical Co., Ltd., he stept into the production workshop, research and development center,carried on deeply exchange with the person in charge of the enterprise, asked in detail about the production, research and development, technological innovation and other aspects. When he realized that the private enterprise has a number of national patent technology, products, he was very happy, told provincial departments responsible comrades that accompanied him investigating , the Xinhe biotechnology company that innovative enterprises ability strong, to give policy support, help enterprises to establish R & D center, improve the level of scientific research, create a favorable environment for the growth of high-tech talent, to create a number of "little giant of science and technology".

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