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The party organizations at Xinda company held to celebrate the ninety-two anniversary of all Party members of the general assembly

The morning of July 1st 8:30 party activity room, company Party committee organized the whole party celebrating its ninety-two anniversary, all Party members, party, party activists participated in the meeting, the meeting chaired by the deputy party secretary Zhang Guopei. The following six issues:

A, deputy party secretary Li Shuping read nine probationary party members, Party members to prepare positive reply;

Two, the Discipline Inspection Committee Cheng Degong read nine activists list:

Three, recruiting, training, formalization of object representatives, in order: Tuo Shihua, Miao Lina, de Yong country;

Four, Party branch secretary read out the branch activities, speak in order: Deng Cunge, Su Hongxia, Han Wenping, Li Mancang, de shugen;

Five, party secretary Zhang Guopei keynote speech [

Six, members of the organization Qi Feng Hui lead all members pledge。


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